U-Horror Fest


The U-Horror Fest is a venue for independent movies in horror, fantasy and thriller genres. No Documentaries. No real Violence. 18+


Our goal is to give indie filmmakers the opportunity to show their movies to film fans and film pros from all over the Globe. 

We show movies on the MovieScreenPro Platform where you can show your film to the worldwide audience.


The Festival is a private invitation-only event with online access.

Only registered attendees can enter the Screening Room.


Assert yourself with U-Horror Fest! Create your audience! 


The Screening Room has 1500 seats which you can comfortably attend online from all over the globe.

50.000 followers will receive the information about the selected films on social media and through websites.

You will meet and enjoy watching many new independent films.

You can meet and talk to filmmakers., pros, fans, and other attendees directly in the Screening Room.

You can learn from other filmmakers and share your experience.

You will enjoy a unique atmosphere. Friendship and positive feelings only!

To learn more about the MovieScreenPro Screening Room please click here

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Selection 2019

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